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Wonderlands is a Cape-Town based start-up, placing ethical and locally handmade products at the heart of its everyday purpose.
Because empowering others matters!

We care about Women’s adventure through their journey of Motherhood, so we create stylish and easy to use nursery kit essentials for mums and their little ones. We have decided to make it easy for Mums, Mums to be, Sisters, Parents, Friends, anyone needing to buy a thoughtful gift, to make great choices through our brand.

From the African inspired fabric to the labels, the 100% cotton towel chosen and the details within the products, all the components are produced in South Africa. Wonderlands is proud to support South African businesses only.

Each product is a handmade creation by our seamstresses in the townships. This product is made with attention to details and modern designs
which makes every piece unique. Wonderlands is proud to support South African talents. We support local NGO’s and training centers for the underprivileged. Helping them in their mission to create a better future for the community, respecting their values, vision in sustainable conditions.

Parenting comes with no instructions and in a world where we all have an impact in whatever we purchase we believe that it was time for a
change, think differently, produce consciously and leave a legacy that actually acts as a positive impact on the environment and our
community (or others). Wonderlands is a safe place where we care and strive to remind mothers that they are enough. That living in the moment meaning in total mindfulness is their greatest gift that will enable their little ones to pursue their dreams and make wonders for the future.