Little E

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Little E is an online store based in Kriel, Mpumalanga and was founded by mom of a very busy little girl. All our items are made to order so all the items can be customized to suite any theme or color scheme.

Our venture started during the lock down in 2020. We were going to immigrate to NZ in March, but due to the Covid 19 pandemic worldwide and lock down in both SA and NZ our entire world was literally ripped from under us. We were ready to fly out and start our new life when we went into lock down and prevented us from starting our new life in NZ. We sold everything and our entire life was packed into 19 boxes and 4 suitcases. During this lock down we were living with my in laws with only our suitcases and I had to improvise and make things to keep our little girl busy during this time and this is where some of our products were brought to life.

Elnieke is our rainbow baby, she truly is our world and the inspiration behind everything I do. Plastic toys are so easily broken by our little girl, and during the lockdown period where she had little to keep her busy and you could not buy anything other than essentials during level 5 of lockdown, I had to think of something to keep her busy and that I could make for her. Clutter is an ultimate distraction for young minds, so these toys are fun, educational and all of them can be packed away neatly or used as decor.

Our toys are quality, useful, open-ended toys. Wooden toys can be played with in so many ways. Their only limit is their imagination.

We aim to expand with many more items during 2021 so watch this space!